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NEW Product from SenseCosmetics and Melanie Forrest!

Give your skin what it wants this summer... moisture!
Try our new SeneSerum-C anti aging Vitamin C serum with incredible results from

Think your skin is beautiful?

Take it to GORGEOUS with new SeneSerum-C

Vitamin C Serum for Face Neck Chest SeneGence SeneSerum-C SeneDerm Skin Care
ORDER SENESERUM-C VIA EMAIL ONLY. Email Melanie Forrest at now!

For the first time in history, SeneGence has created a process that delivers stabilized Vitamin C. Others have claimed it - we have accomplished it!

SeneGence is proud to introduce the most advanced anti-aging technology for your skin.  In a category all its own, SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex is THE revolutionary product in Anti-Aging SkinCare. 

Vitamins for your skin including SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex:

  • ·     Contains stabilized Vitamin C & helps increase collagen production for firmer skin

  • ·     More efficiently, and evenly, delivers a variety of active, anti-aging ingredients to the skin for faster, more luminous results

  • ·     Helps to increase ability of the skin’s protective layer to shield against ultra violet free radicals and harmful rays of the sun.

  • ·     Enhances benefits of SenePlex Complex.

  • ·     Replicates the skin’s natural will for healthy cellular growth and movement.

Give your skin the necessary ingredients to achieve a beautiful, healthy radiance – naturally. 

The Science Behind the Product:

There are three main factors which make SeneSerum-C with SenePlex combined with Dermal Transference a substantial breakthrough product for anti-aging skin care treatments:

  • 1.    Squalene

  • 2.    Stabilized Vitamin C

  • 3.    SenePlex Complex

Here’s How:

SeneSerum-C with SenePlex Complex is 60% to 70% olive oil base Squalene (non-shark source). It is made for all skin types as it is non-toxic, non-irritating, & hypoallergenic.

For the first time ever, Stabilized Vitamin C is combined with SenePlex Complex (and the actives contained therein) in a waterless anhydrous media of vitamins, anti oxidants, and fruit and plant butters. Because there is no water in SeneSerum-C the ingredients used are at their highest concentration and purity.  The synergistic combination of Vitamin C with SenePlex in a moisture rich environment enhances the properties of each. SeneSerum-C with SenePlex:








Here’s Why:

Human sebum forms the natural lubricant of hairy and non-hairy skin types.  Sebum keeps the skin supple and forms a protective bacterial and fungicidal coating on the skin. This sebum cover also helps to keep moisture on the skin.  A deficiency in sebum leads to dry skin…and one could assume greater exposure to free radicals, thus increasing the aging process.

ORDER SENESERUM-C VIA EMAIL ONLY. Email Melanie Forrest at now!

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You can do it! Just 2-steps in the morning and 2-steps at night. All for you this holiday season. You'll look younger, feel better and others will notice your restful appearance.
Want more moisture? Add our Climate Control spray under your daytime or eventing moisturizers to draw water from the air to your face throughout the day and night. It elevates the amount of moisture your skin will receive. BUY OUR CLIMATE CONTROL MOISTURE BOOSTER NOW!
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Want a quick fix for dry skin on the face? Purchase our NEW Moisturizing Whipped Facial Mask. Notice: I said "Moisturzing MASK"... You will not be left with that tight, dry feeling after using our mask. It's full of moisturizing ingredients. I love it! It sluffs off that dead skin caused by climate changes or lack of sleep and allows our moisturizers to do their job! Buy our NEW Mask NOW - EMAIL Melanie Forrest - Our Mask is so NEW it isn't listed online yet!
Many blessings to you this summer. Here's to great skin and having the time of your life!
You can sign up today to become a Sense Cosmetics distributor by clicking the link below. Even Oprah thinks Sense Cosmetics are fabulous! She featured me in her O Magazine with Sense Cosmetics and SeneDerm by SeneGence International. What a thrill!
Kiss-proof Kisses!
Melanie Forrest

Testimonial of the Month:

"Melanie: I just love the SeneDerm skin care line. I've been using it now for over 2 years and get compliments on my skin all of the time. It's so simple to use. I have to tell you that I have really appreciated you not using skin care scare tactics or persuasive sales pitches to get me to buy your products. The products speak for themselves and you are wonderful to work with. My next purchase will be the body butter and the new mask this month. Can't wait!." -- Sheri from Missouri.

The Science Behind the Product:

We are Proud of our Clinical Lab Test Results!
The following information is a short exerpt message from our CEO Joni Rogers-Kante regarding our SeneDerm® Skin Care Clinical Test Results...

The primary component of the SeneDerm® Skin care system, SeneDerm® Evening Moisturizer Normal-to-Dry with SenePlex® Complex, was tested by an independent testing laboratory (that was not on the payroll of SeneGence International®, the formulator, nor the manufacturer of the product. The independent laboratory testing and clinical studies occurred over an eight (8) week test period study with a study group of twenty (20) female test subjects varying in age from 18 to 55 years old, with skin types varying from dry or normal or oily skin.
The published test results of the independent testing lab confirmed the preliminary findings of the formulator. But more importantly, the Independent Testing Laboratory was able to quantify the actual test numbers and clinical findings. Those published results of the independent testing lab showed that, in all the areas tested, ALL SUBJECTS showed significant improvements.
The clinical conclusions in this study provided results showing that the SeneDerm® Skin Care product used in the tests was highly effective in increasing cellular renewal. Additional results proved that the SeneGence® product substantially improved the skin’s qualitative appearance across six important aesthetic measurements: Improving skin Moisturization; skin firmness and elasticity; reducing fine lines and wrinkles; increasing luminosity and clarity; and increasing skin thickness. The overall reduction of fine lines and wrinkles was 55.7 %. The test subject with the least improvement had 46 % fewer wrinkles while the subject with the greatest improvement had 60.8 % fewer wrinkles and fine lines. SenePlex® Complex is the key ingredient to every crème SenseCosmetics™ and each SeneDerm® Skin Care product. In essence, SeneGence® products and skin care regimen is formulated to not only make a demonstrable improvement in the appearance of your skin, but to also clinically improve its health by promoting increased cell renewal. And, according to scientific testing, IT WORKS!
Furthermore, [...] with SenseCosmetics™ and SeneDerm® SkinCare system, the skin is protected from harmful rays from the sun without the use of unnecessary chemicals … a claim that is also substantiated with independent laboratory tests. The results are REMARKABLE! For this and many other scientific reasons, these products are truly revolutionary!  
We believe in our products so much that we publish to today’s discriminating consumer the actual independent laboratory test results in our SenseCosmetics™ and SeneDerm® SkinCare Beauty Books [...]
[...] We provide products and a Distributor career path that really work.

Melanie Forrest

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