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Lip Sense Cosmetics Tips from Melanie Forrest at Sense Makeup by SeneGence International LipSense Distributor
Winter Makeup Tips from Melanie How Do I Apply LipSense?
How Do I use the New Brushes? How Do I Apply LipSense Lip Liner?
How Do I use the New SeneSun Wash-On Tan?

How Do I Apply BlushSense?

Makeup Tips for DIfferent Face Shapes from Melanie How Do I Apply LashSense?
Add a little Shimmer to your Skin Care Routine How Do I Apply EyeSense?

New Lip Liner Colors Available!

How Do I Apply BrowSense?
How to Decrease Fine Lines with New Pearlizer! How Do I Apply SeneDerm & MakeSense?
  Why Should I use the Fooops Remover at Night?


New LineSense Lip Liner Shades from Melanie Forrest at

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WINTER WONDERFUL YOU.... In the middle of winter, it seems as if everything--and everyone (with the exception of SeneDerm SkinCare and SenseCosmetics users)--looks washed-out. Faces are pale, lips get chapped, and the colors don’t appear very vibrant all season long.

Fix Your Foundation:By this time of year, any remnant of summer color is gone, so skin is lighter also daylight is dimmer so skin seems duller. To counteract looking grey and washed out brighten your appearance by choosing a SeneDerm MakeSense Foundation.  MakeSense Foundation adapts to your natural skin tone to reflect a natural, healthy glow.  If your skin tends to be drier at this time of year – Climate Control delivers extra moisture under the MakeSense Foundation and helps make skin more beautiful.

Disguise Dark Circles: Winter colds can exacerbate puffiness and under eye dark circles. As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes thinner, making these problems more noticeable. To help cover dark circles and brighten the eye area, mix a dollop of SeneDerm Eye Cream with Whisper Pink, Opal, or Candlelight ShadowSense onto a small brush applicator. After applying MakeSense Foundation, Pat applicator brush lightly under the eye as close to the lash line as possible, blending downward into BlushSense and from the outside edge of the eye socket to the hair line making sure to cover dark circles.
Perk Up Pale Cheeks: To add dimension, use SeneDerm Translucid Bronzing Powder. The reddish brown tones help counteract the ruddiness brought on by colder air. When applying use a large blush brush, tap areas of your face that naturally pick up color from the sun: your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. For a greater glow, add a touch of Cherry or Peach BlushSense to the tops of your cheekbones. Going out at night? Don’t forget to brush the top of your shoulders and your décolleté with the Bronzing Powder to give your skin a warm dewy glow.
Winterize Your Eyes: Fierce, frigid winds, not to mention the common cold, can cause your eyes to tear, resulting in runny shadow and mascara (if you are not using ShadowSense or LashSense). For staying power, prime lids with any one of a beautiful array of ShadowSense eye shadows……… Our long-lasting formulas are designed to work all day without creasing or fading. For parties and night eyes warm up your eyes by adding SeneDerm Translucid Bronzing Powder just under the brow line.
Polish Your Pouter: ALWAYS remember to wear LipSense Liquid LipColor when you go out in the cold weather! Your lips lack oil glands and will dry out easily if you don’t protect them. For luscious lips,  select a cheery color and then top off with one of the many shades of moisture rich LipSense Gloss for that brilliant luster and shine; steer clear of matte glosses and dark colors, because they absorb rather than reflect light.

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How Do you Apply LipSense Lip Color

Tips and hints:
  1. Be sure to keep your lips apart while applying LipSense®, and resist the urge to press your lips together like you would with regular lipsticks. Pressing the lips together is not necessary to disperse the color, and it may create a tacky feel to you.
  1. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, and if so, it is just an indication that your lips are dry. Once you apply the Moisturizing Gloss, any tacky or tingling feeling will subside immediately. After using the products for a few weeks, your lips should become beautifully conditioned and all tingling should subside. Just be sure to reapply gloss throughout the day to keep the color fresh and your lips conditioned.
  2. Create your own custom shades by layering a combination of different colors. LipSense® Classic Colors, Highlighters and Shimmers blend together so easily and beautifully, you can create a versatile wardrobe of lip color like no other.

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LipSense Lip Liner Sense from SeneGence Melanie Forrest Sense Makeup


Outline just outside of the natural lip line with desired shade of LinerSense. Avoid matte shades of lip color as they make lips look thinner. Shimmers, Ices, Diamonds, and plenty of LipSense Gloss make lips look fuller.

Uneven LIPS

To balance, outline outside of the thinner half of the lip – and along the natural line of the fuller half with desired shade of LinerSense. Fill in with long lasting LipSense and top with LipSense Gloss.

Shapeless LIPS

Create definition by drawing a cupid’s bow. Outline the top lip with desired shade of LinerSense to emphasize the ‘m’. Outline outside of the lower lip to make it look fuller. Complete with favorite shade of LipSense lip color and Gloss.


Cover lips with SeneDerm MakeSense Foundation to make lips look thinner. Outline lips with LinerSense just inside of natural lip line. Use matte shades of LipSense and top with LipSense Gloss.

Uneven Colored LIPS

Cover both lips with Blush LipSense as a base.  Outline lips with desired shade of LinerSense. Apply any darker shade of LipSense and finish with LipSense Gloss.


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A TOUCH OF BLUSH, BLUSHSENSE ALL DAY BLUSH TIPS: BlushSense™ accentuates the SeneDerm® SkinCare System BlushSense™ combines skincare and cosmetics to give you a healthy glow while revitalizing the skin from within.
Staying Power: Smudge-proof, budge-proof, waterproof and kiss-proof, BlushSense™ should last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours, depending on how it is applied, as well as an individual's body chemistry. Because BlushSense™ is only applied once (maybe twice) daily, it is as long-lasting to your cheeks as it is to your wallet!
BlushSense™ by SeneGence® smoothes evenly over your skin without clumping or streaking and provides a beautiful, flawless finish that lasts all day.

BlushSense All Day Blush from Melanie forrest at

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LashSense Long Lasting Mascara

LashSense Waterproof Wax Free Mascara

UnderSense Application & Removal: To apply UnderSense, begin with clean, dry lashes, and let dry completely as it envelopes each lash.  Be sure to coat all lashes evenly, including the tiniest lashes in the corner of the eye.  For thicker, fuller lashes, you may intensify them with additional coats of UnderSense, which is a light shade of black.  After applying LashSense, only dark, full, beautiful lashes will be seen. Remove UnderSense each evening with Fooops SenseCosmetics™ Color Remover. UnderSense will slide off of your lashes with LashSense in the exact shape of your lash.  Do not worry; you are looking at the amazing UnderSense and LashSense technology, not your lashes!

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EyeSense Step 1 Shake the Tube

Shake first - EyeSense™ liquid eyeliner must be shaken first.
Apply color onto brush - after you have shaken EyeSense™, place a small amount of liquid color onto the sable brush.
EyeSense Step 2 Blow on the Brush

Blow on the brush - Prior to application, be sure to lightly blow on the color on the brush of EyeSense. This aids in the evaporation of the liquid ingredient and allows for quick drying.

EyeSense Step 3 Apply Brush Controlling the look - EyeSense is applied with a sable brush for complete control. If you desire a fine line, lightly touch the brush to the skin around the eye. For a thicker more defined look, press firmly.
EyeSense Step 4 Apply from Both Directions Line in one direction - begin by placing your brush on the corner of the lower lid, underneath the eyelashes and move the color in one direction. Repeat this process for the top eyelid.

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HOW DO I APPLY BROWSENSE BROW LINER? BrowSense does not rub or melt off and it is waterproof. Now you can create the perfect frame for your eyes - and keep it that way all day long! Available in light, dark, auburn and taupe.

How to Apply BrowSense

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Sense Cosmetics Blush Collection from Melanie Forrest at

The large powder brush is perfectly shaped to apply SeneDerm® Translucid Powders or Bronzing Powders. The sculpted brush head allows for a more precise placement to specific areas when needed.
This natural brush is sized to perfectly shape the cheek bone. The medium sculpted head provides softness in application while offering durability.
The tapered, oval tip brush gently blends eye color. Create a crease with ShadowSense™; use for blending Concealers or highlighters in any area of the face.
Soften any look with this amazing blending tool. Perfect for Pearlizer application in key spots to highlight and brighten with this professional tool.
Define brows, eye shape or create detailed lining with this brush. This unique smudge tool is a natural brush created for adding depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye or for brows. The long handled brush has short bristles that form a rounded tip.
This pull-apart two-piece tool gives you confidence to precisely place products. Use to apply highlighters, ShadowSense™ as a liner, or Concealers to hard to reach areas of the face.
A soft-tipped sponge applicator for applying cream, liquids or powder.
Stiff bristles on one side to groom brow hairs and hard lash comb to clean and define lashes.
Basic Brush Care Tip:
  • Always cleanse in the direction of the hair. Never "swirl" or harshly rub brushes on any surface.
  • Cleanse as needed in SeneGence® Shampoo, Body Cleanser, or Foops! Facial Color Remover with warm water & gently squeeze water through the hair. Go from base to tip and rinse thoroughly.
  • Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface – do not stand brushes on end to dry.
  • If used daily, clean your brushes once a week for longevity and freshness.
  • Never share brushes with different clients unless the brushes are first cleansed.

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SeneSun Wash On Tan Self TannerSENESUN WASH-ON INSTANT TAN... HOW DO I USE IT? Be sun kissed in the shower. With suds comes the sun. Wash on your freshly-back-from-the-beach healthy glow with new SeneSun Wash-On Tanner - with SenePlex®, of course! When was the last time the sun left your skin silky, conditioned and without damage – and protected against aging? Step out of the shower to look as though you spent all day basking in the sun!
Bring the sunshine into your shower: While standing in the shower, turn on the water to a comfortable temperature until skin is completely wet. Turn OFF the water, then apply one to two pumps of SeneSun ONLY onto the Body Pooof, taking care to avoid contact with the palms of your hands and your face. Glide the Pooof across your skin, spreading the tanner evenly onto the skin. Apply everywhere you want a sun-kissed glow. Wait approximately two minutes, then rinse completely to reveal an even, golden-bronze tan. Lightly pat dry the skin with a towel. Your skin will love the instant tan, without the distress caused by harsh rays of the sun.
Additional Information & Product Science: Apply over the course of several days consecutively. With each application, your tan will deepen and intensify to a new level of natural radiance! The active ingredient of SeneSun Wash-On Instant Tan is DHA: An ingredient that reacts with the proteins of your cells which, in turn, darkens the shade of the cell. The more you use SeneSun Wash-On Instant-Tan, the richer and darker your tan will become.

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5 Steps to Enhance Face Shape from

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SeneGlitz Body ShimmerSENEGLITZ! Add a little Shimmer to Your Skin Care: SeneGlitz adds additional layers of SenePlex® Complex to areas of the body that are almost constantly exposed to the atmosphere such as the décolletage, arms, legs, etc. SeneGlitz helps to retain moisture in the delicate area around the throat. Use especially during cold and windy weather for protection - and sparkle while you use it!
The glitter is very small and simply adds a dimension of shine that is accentuated in rays of light. In other words: It does not appear too trendy as the shine is subtle enough for a woman’s use as opposed to having large specks of glitter appearing on the surface of the skin.
SeneGlitz may be layered onto skin after the use of SeneDerm®:
  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Body Bronzer
  • SeneSun

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MakeSense Pearlizer Face IlluminatorNEW PEARLIZER ILLUMINATOR FOR YOUR SKIN - LOOK YOUNGER, DECREASE THE APPEARANCE OF FINE LINES! We now have new fun product called MakeSense Pearlizer. You can use it alone or blend it with our MakeSense foundations or Daytime Moisturizers. It adds soft light reflectors to your face decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The illuminating factor of the new Pearlizer also makes your skin look fresh and not dull. I love to use it mixed with my eye shadows too. It adds a soft pearl effect to them. My favorite place to apply the new Pearlizer is below my eyes near my cheek bones. It helps reflect the light in the shadows of my fine lines making them appear smaller. A great product for everyone! Several ways to use it for younger looking skin and beautiful makeup.

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Simple 2-Step System: The SeneDerm® SkinCare System is available in normal to oily and normal to dry skin types. It is a simple two-step system, which includes:
Step 1: Cleansing the skin - Buy the SeneDerm 3-in-1 Cleanser
Step 2: Moisturizing and hydrating the skin - Buy the SeneDerm Daytime and Evening Moisturizers
Cleanse and Moisturize in the Morning.
Cleanse and Moisturize in the Evening.
That's it! Simple Skin Care!
Add our anti-aging MakeSense Foundation to protect the skin all day while hydrating it as well. Natural sun-block of a 30spf when our Daytime Moisturizer and MakeSense Foundation are worn together during the day.
Add our Climate Control Moisturizer under the Daytime and Evening Moisturizers if you have "issues" with your skin... redness, dry patches, oily patches, acne problems, sunburn, etc.

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Fooops RemoverFOOPS REMOVER - WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: I teach every client that Fooops!® SenseCosmetics™ Color Remover is to be used just before SeneDerm® 3-in-1 Cleanser to dissolve the long-lasting color technology of SenseCosmetics™ in the most gentle and thorough way. It is likened to washing our hair two times (as do salons) before the cleansing process is complete. We have to dissolve the gels, hair sprays, spritzes and conditioners during the first washing before we really clean the hair follicle in the second washing. We can't SEE the hairspray or other coatings, but we know they are there and need to be removed.
It is for the same reason we use Fooops! ® SenseCosmetics™ Color Remover. It is important that I impress upon you that your cleansing isn't complete and you probably have residue left in your pores if you are using MakeSense™ Foundation, or any of our other cream SenseCosmetics™. Fooops! ® Remover has been designed to remove the makeup you’re your skin without STRIPPING the skin! The cleanser, on the other hand, is for washing a face that has no remains of the color technology for deep cleansing and additional penetration of the SenePlex® Complex through the cleanser and the moisturizers. Again, we wouldn't condition our hair without washing it first ... it’s the same principal.”

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