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Press Release: Melanie Forrest Featured in Oprah Magazine as Face of SeneGence Sense Cosmetics


Contact:        Melanie Forrest
                        Missouri State Founder Multi-Million Dollar Makeup Artist
                        SeneGence International® SenseCosmetics

Melanie Forrest Featured in Oprah Magazine as Face of SeneGence Sense Cosmetics

Newport Beach, CA (Grassroots Newswire) – Melanie Forrest, Multi-Million Dollar Producer for SeneGence International SenseCosmetics will be featured in an upcoming issue of Oprah Magazine, O Magazine.

The Direct Selling Association and SeneGence International CEO Joni Rogers-Kante personally invited Melanie Forrest to be the featured distributor for all of SeneGence Sense Cosmetics.

“I am extremely excited to be selected as the featured Sense Cosmetics distributor for our international makeup and skin care line,” says Forrest.  “I started out as a LipSense Distributor almost 6 years ago and became the #1 ranking distributor in my region ever since. This is truly the highlight of my career as a SeneGence distributor ”

To purchase LipSense lip colors, SeneGence makeup, SeneDerm skin care from SenseCosmetics, visit Melanie’s website at and click Shop now!

To become a LipSense DIstributor, SeneGence Distributor or Sense Cosmetics Distributor, sign up at for $55 and let Melanie Forrest's experience as the #1 Regional distributor show you how to grow your Sense Cosmetics business.

"We are on the verge of a total explosion of growth within SeneGence SenseCosmetics," says Forrest. "I am so glad to be the face of SeneGence Sense Cosmetics for the entire company in Oprah Magazine."

For more information about SeneGence International® cosmetics and skincare, contact Melanie Forrest at 573-268-6042.

About SeneGence International® and Melanie Forrest - State Founder/Field Leader
Melanie Forrest is the Missouri State Founder and Multi-Million Dollar Producer for SeneGence International SenseCosmetics.  As the highest ranking distributor and image consultant for SGII, Inc. (dba SeneGence International®) in the Midwest, Forrest is continuing to grow the sales force and customer base throughout the USA setting industry records along the way.  She has personally sold over $500,000 in products in just 5 short years and build a sales force of over $5 million. She is trained out of Los Angeles several times throughout the year on the newest trends in skin care and cosmetics and resides in Columbia, Missouri.  For more information on distributorship or products, go to her corporate website at  or call 573-268-6042.

SGII, Inc. (dba SeneGence International®) is a privately held corporation headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with affiliated offices in Canada and Australia. The company is an active member of the Direct Selling Association and Worldwide Direct Sales Association.


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Melanie Forrest is a Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Corporate Trainer, Missouri State Founder, Midwest Leader,
Top Distributor for SeneGence International SenseCosmetics - the best skin care, long lasting cosmetics available.
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Melanie Forrest Featured in Oprah Magazine as Face of SeneGence Sense Cosmetics