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Diamond LipSense Lip Color Shades Available from Melanie Forrest
made with real diamond dust for a soft LipSense sparkle
LipSense Diamond Lip Colors are 4 times the size of a regular tube of LipStick
$25 USA each. Order Diamond LipSense from Melanie Forrest Now.

Brillian Berry LipSense Brilliant Berry Diamond
Item# 1850
Praline Pave Diamond LipSense Praline Pave Diamond
Item# 1852
Eternity Flame Diamond LipSense Eternity Flame Diamond
Item# 1854
Baquette Beige Diamond LipSense Baquette Beige Diamond
Item# 1856
Rose Marquee Diamond LipSense Lip Color Rose Marquee Diamond
Item# 1858
Pink Diamond Diamond LipSense Lip Color Pink Diamond
Item# 1860
Round Rose Diamond LipSense Lip Color Round Rose
Item# 1862
Trillion Berries Diamond LipSense Lip Color Trillion Berries
Item# 1864
Carat Diamond LipSense Lip Color Carat
Item# 1866
Pink Heart Diamond LipSense Lip Color Pink Heart
Item# 1868
Square Brick Diamond LipSense Lip Color Square Brick
Item# 1870
Bare Pear Diamond LipSense Lip Color Bare Pear
Item# 1872

LipSense Lip Color Shades from Melanie Forrest
our standard LipSense lip color shades
LipSense Lip Colors are 4 times the size of a regular tube of LipStick
$20 USA each. Order LipSense from Melanie Forrest Now.

1010 Party Pink LipSense
Item# 1010
Sheer Pink LipSense Lip Color Sheer Pink LipSense
Item# 1020
Dark Pink LipSense Lip Color Dark Pink LipSense
Item# 1030
Fuscia LipSense Lip Color Fuscia LipSense
Item# 1040
Blush LipSense Lip Color Blush LipSense
Item# 1050
Currant LipSense Lip Color Currant LipSense
Item# 1060
Dusty Rose LipSense Lip Color Dusty Rose LipSense
Item# 1070
Sheer Berry LipSense Lip Color Sheer Berry LipSense
Item# 1080
Plum LipSense Lip Color Plum LipSense
Item# 1090
Blu Red LipSense Lip Color Blu-Red LipSense
Item# 1100
Red Cherry LipSense Lip Color Red Cherry LipSense
Item# 1110
Brick LipSense Lip Color Brick LipSense
Item# 1120
Samon LipSense Lip Color Samon LipSense
Item# 1130
Peach LipSense Lip Color Peach LipSense
Item# 1140
Nude LipSense Lip Color Nude LipSense
Item# 1150
Moca LipSense Lip Color Moca LipSense
Item# 1160
Light Bronze LipSense Lip Color Light Bronze LipSense
Item# 1170
Cranberry LipSense Lip Color Cranberry LipSense
Item# 1180
Neutral LipSense Lip Color Neutral LipSense
Item# 1182
Beige Champagne LipSense Lip Color Beige Champagne LipSense
Item# 1184
Roseberry LipSense Lip Color RoseBerry LipSense
Item# 1185
Persimmon LipSense Lip Color Persimmon LipSense
Item# 1186
Summer Sunset LipSense Lip Color Summer Sunset LipSense
Item# 1187
Coral Reef LipSense Lip Color Coral Reef LipSense
Item# 1188
Burnt Orange LipSense Lip Color Burnt Orange LipSense
Item# 1189
Sun Burst Orange LipSense Lip Color Sun Burst Orange LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1365
Fantasy Fuscia LipSense Lip Color Fantasy Fuscia LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1366
Raisin LipSense Lip Color Raisin LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1367
Pink Lemonade LipSense Lip Color Pink Lemonade LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1368
Sugar Plum LipSense Lip Color Sugar Plum LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1369
Malted LipSense Lip Color Malted LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1370
Cocoa LipSense Lip Color Cocoa LipSense - limited edition
Item# 1371
Pink Ice LipSense Lip Color Pink Ice LipSense
Item# 1800
Coral Ice LipSense Lip Color Coral Ice LipSense
Item# 1805
Rose Ice LipSense Lip Color Rose Ice LipSense
Item# 1810
Fire and Ice LipSense Lip Color Fire-n-Ice LipSense
Item# 1815
Spice Ice LipSense Lip Color Spice Ice LipSense
Item# 1820
Mauve Ice LipSense Lip Color Mauve Ice LipSense
Item# 1825
PIT Stop Pink LipSense Lip Color PIT Stop Pink
Item# 1830

LipSense Highlighter Shades from Melanie Forrest
frosted shades used alone or to tone down another LipSense lip color
LipSense Lip Colors are 4 times the size of a regular tube of LipStick
$20 USA each.
Order LipSense from Melanie Forrest Now.

Pink Champagne LipSense Lip Color Pink Champagne HighLighter
Item# 1190
Gold Champagen LipSense Lip Color Gold Champagne HighLighter
Item# 1200

LipSense Glimmers and Shimmers from Melanie Forrest
a hint of mica in each shade for a soft LipSense sparkle
LipSense Lip Colors are 4 times the size of a regular tube of LipStick
$20 USA each.
Order LipSense from Melanie Forrest Now.

Apple Cider LipSense Lip Color Apple Cider Glimmer
Item# 1360
Cappuccino LipSense Lip Color Cappuccino Glimmer
Item# 1361
Praline Rose LipSense Lip Color Praline Rose Glimmer
Item# 1362
Latte LipSense Lip Color Latte Glimmer
Item# 1363
Plumeria LipSense Lip Color Plumeria Glimmer
Item# 1364
Bronze LipSense Lip Color Bronze Shimmer
Item# 1320
Pink Shimmer LipSense Lip Color Pink Shimmer
Item# 1330
Ruby Red LipSense Lip Color Ruby Red Shimmer
Item# 1340


LinerSense Lip Liners for LipSense
add shape and dimension with our LinerSense lip liners.
Coordinating Liner shades are below for LipSense Lip colors.
$18 USA each.
Order LinerSense from Melanie Forrest Now.


Light LinerSense
Item# 1410

Use with light coral shades.


Natural LinerSense
Item# 1415

Use with light beige or pink shades.


Neutral LinerSense
Item# 1420

Use with all of our lip colors.


Orchid LinerSense
Item# 1425

Use with light mauve-pink shades.


Dark LinerSense
Item# 1430

Our darkest liner for reds, corals.


Brown LinerSense
Item# 1440

Use with brown shades.


Terra Cotta LinerSense
Item# 1445

Use with corals and oranges.


Rhubarb LinerSense
Item# 1455

Use with reds and berries.


Coffee LinerSense
Item# 1465

Use with all of our lip colors.

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You can become a LipSense, SeneGence SenseCosmetics Customer by ordering online, by phone or email from Melanie Forrest, #1 Midwest, #1 Midsouth Image Consultant - Distributor for SeneGence International. Melanie Forrest has built a successful sales force of customers and distributors with over $5 million in sales. Join my SenseCosmetics team and let me show you how to sell Lipsense and the entire long-lasting, anti-aging SenseCosmetics line. Start Shopping!

About our SeneGence Products and Business Opportunity ...

Patented and Proprietary Product Technologies
SeneGence Distributors enjoy the benefit of selling highly unique, consumable, and guaranteed products that outperform even our promises!

Revolutionary Long-Lasting color Cosmetic Technology
SeneGence provides an entire line of long-lasting SenseCosmetics™ for customers to buy and Distributors to sell, found nowhere else in the cosmetics industry!

You can make money through retail and sponsoring efforts as a SeneGence Independent Distributor & Image Consultant. It's costs only $50 plus tax to become a distributor and you can receive 20-50% off the products as well as earn a 10% commission on individuals and businesses you sponsor within the United States, Canada and Australia. There are 4 more commission levels in addition to the 10% level 1 payout you can also earn. Email Melanie Forrest with your questions.

You can earn additional incentives including exotic trips, a beautiful Cadillac & an optional 401k – single k program as a SeneGence International Distributor & Image Consultant. Past SeneGence Distributor trips: Paris, Rome, Hawaii, Tahiti, Carribean Islands, Beverly Hills, New York City, Washington D.C. to name a few. In addition you can also earn a Cadillac CTS or SRX in our company navy blue shade. Ride in style as a SeneGence International Distributor & Image Consultant. Plan for retirement with our optional 401k – single k program.

Learn more about the SeneGence International SenseCosmetics business opportunity for Individuals, Stay-at-Home Moms, Business Professionals, Salons, Spas, Boutiques, Dermatologists, Physicians. Email Melanie Forrest with your questions.

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